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Keep track of your construction projects

Lean teams choose XS Project

Looking for an easy-to-use solution, these lean organizations chose XS Project.
Contact our sales team to learn more about our applications and its features. A lean team demands a lean solution.

McDonald's Nederland
De Hallen Amsterdam
Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam
XS Project

XS Project Construction in Progress

XS Project is developed by experienced construction managers to simplify collaboration between team members.
Create projects, add team members, share and monitor files.
Reduce e-mail traffic with our build-in chat feature.
Keep track of your projects anytime, anywhere.

Import the information request schedule to your project and stay on top of the preparation, design and execution of it.

XS Project helps project managers to stay on top of their job.

Document management

Grant access and manage permissions to team members.
Upload permits, reports, schedules, budgets, calculations, drawings, specifications. and manuals.

The XS document requirement template presets document locations to guarantee files are uploaded to the right folders.

Replace revised documents quick and easy while taking care of version management at the same time.

Document Sharing
Chat and Connect

Chat and Meet

Our in-folder chat feature keeps teams connected without spending time sending and reading superfluous and redundant e-mails.
Keep your project communication effective and useful, chat with your team or directly with individual team members.

Schedule and hold meetings with your team. XS Project Premium and Custom are equipped with ZOOM Meetings.

XS Wallet built to maintain

XS Wallet keeps track of maintenance and building documents.

Take your archive on the road to view, share and update your building permits, drawings, certificates, inspection reports and contracts quick and easy.

Get notified about soon to expire documents and keep your existing local server or cloud storage.

Document Wallet

No need to move your files

Our document wallet keeps track of your documents no matter where they are stored. There’s no need to move your documents, just connect XS Wallet with their current location.

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