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Make your construction site:
– a safe place to work
– a nice place to work
– a profitable place to work

Lean teams choose XS Project

Looking for an easy-to-use solution, these lean organizations also chose XS Project as their project management.

Provide your people with a great web-based dashboard and an easy to use mobile app.

Contact our sales team to learn more about our applications and its features. A lean team demands a lean solution.

McDonald's Nederland
De Hallen Amsterdam

Construction management

With our team of experienced construction managers and developers we were able to build a great tool. XS Project contains suitable features for project managers, technical consultants, contractors and suppliers on your site.

Create projects, add team members, share and monitor files.
Reduce e-mail traffic with our build-in chat feature.
Keep track of your projects anytime, anywhere.

Import the information request schedule to your project and stay on top of the preparation, design and execution of it.

XS Project helps project managers to stay on top of their job.

Primary Features

Document Sharing and Version Management

Grant access and manage permissions to team members.
Upload permits, reports, schedules, budgets, calculations, drawings, specifications. and manuals.

Replacing revised documents and taking care of version management has never been easier.

Infolder chat boxes

With our in-folder chat feature it’s easier to eliminate superfluous and redundant e-mails.

Interactive Construction Meeting Minutes

The XS Project Minutes feature helps you to write your construction meeting minutes on the fly.

The interactive minutes updates your construction team about action points by e-mail or mobile push notifications.


XS Project offers integrations with several great construction applications that offer planning systems, inspection/audit tools and administration solutions.

Use XS Project to schedule team meetings with ZOOM Meetings or Microsoft Teams.