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De Koepel Haarlem

After a big and successful renovation, De Koepel in Haarlem will open its doors on January 3rd 2022. De Koepel has been a prison for about 100 years and is one of the most spectacular monuments in the area.

There’s has been a lot of modifications and expansion works in the building to create a cinema with 6 halls in the new constructed basement. Extra floors have been added to build meeting rooms and lecture halls and former prisoner cells have been transformed and became workspaces to accommodate start-ups.

TaskXS is happy to announce that “de Koepel” organization has decided to start using the TaskXS Wallet App to give its tenants access to the building documents regarding their rented space in.

Open de Koepel CV in Haarlem is the owner and operational office of “De Koepel Haarlem”.

We’re very proud to add another great historical building to our portfolio.