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McDonald’s Nederland

We are proud to announce that the Development department of McDonald’s Nederland BV has chosen TaskXS Project as its new project management tool. With more than 40 construction and refurbishment projects per year, McDonald’s has a highly dynamic and efficient group of regular suppliers and consultants who work together to prepare, design and build new restaurants or remodel existing locations.

Construction Manager Barbara van der Kolk and Technical Manager Nico Smedes chose TaskXS Project to replace their current Sharepoint environment.

“The simple layout with core functions such as a progress dashboard, document management, version control and the availability of a mobile app are important features for us.
Furthermore, the possibilities for document control and approval by advisors, data requirement templates and the e-mail restrictive chat boxes, offer a large contribution to the efficiency of the information flows.
Barbara van der Kolk
Manager Construction McDonald’s Netherlands BV

In collaboration with project managers Stefan van der Voort and Robin Stuiver, TaskXS will implement its application under the name McDProject for the renovation of McDonald’s Rotterdam Zuidplein.

“TaskXS understands our construction process and has developed a suitable solution for this. Together with our project managers we will use the tool in the coming period to deploy the tool as efficiently as possible and to further develop it with new functions where necessary.”
Nico Smedes
Technical Manager McDonald’s Netherlands BV

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