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XS Project User Manual


Thank you for choosing XS Project as your construction collaboration tool. XS Project is a development of TaskXS Solutions Ltd. which was founded by experienced contractors and consultants in the construction and maintenance industry.

XS Project aims to become an industry leading SaaS application which offers a combination of practical tools and a dashboard which connects with many API’s of other widely used solutions.

We’ll be happy to introduce you to the many features our product.

Getting Started

XS Project is a “so called” SaaS (Software as a Service) application that is web-based and doesn’t require any local adjustments or software installations. Contact our sales people and start your first project


When your business applies for a XS Project account, we will provide you an e-mail adres which will become your Admin username. This separates your Admin account from your regular user account which you need to get access to your projects with your personal business e-mail.

The Admin accounts has all rights an access possible and it’s needed to add managers and adjust company preferences.

Create profile

The first thing to do when you get access to XS Project is update your company profile, upload your company logo and adjust the color scheme.

Integration settings

When your business uses applications that are supported by XS Project, you can set access information and credentials to give connect XS Project with your business.

Integration settings can be found on your company profile page and only available by Admin account.

Create folder template

When starting a new project in XS Project it’s possible to import a template which creates a predefined folder structure and document requirement schedule.

Templates can be created by building one from scratch or can be imported by excel file. It’s also possible to extract one form a previous finished project.

When no template is selected, only the 5 main folders will appear on your project dashboard and folder structure needs to be build from scratch.

Create minutes template

The construction meeting minutes feature of XS Project, provides your project manager with a powerful tool to write meeting minutes. Build you own templates for different kind of meetings or write them from scratch.


The main task of XS Project is to manage your projects so starting a new project and manage its settings is the first step to take.

Who can create project / delete project
Projects can be started by managers. Deleting a project is only possible by Admin.

Create project

Just go to “Project” in the sidebar menu and click on “Add Project” and enter your project information. Select a template that fits the project and save the information. When opening the project you’ll see a dashboard with tabs for the main folders. If you selected a template, the tabs will show red, if not they will be transparent.

Add team members
To build your construction team you go to project settings and add users from your database. Please read the “suppliers” & “users” section to learn how you can import suppliers and add users to your database.

Add folders

In case the chosen template needs adjustments, you can go to the “folder structure” button in the sidebar menu and add or delete folders to meet the project demands.


Suppliers are all businesses that are part of your projects. Contractors, Consultants and Producers or Resellers of construction materials.

Who can add/delete suppliers
Admin, managers and assistant managers can add suppliers, only Admin account can delete a supplier.

Add suppliers

You can add single suppliers manually but it’s also possible to import an excel file to add multiple suppliers at once. You can download an example .xlsx file on the supplier page to meet the right format.

Note: to add a new user, the company that he or she represents needs to be a supplier.


All people working in XS Project are called “users” and they all represent a supplier (including your own business) When a project is created the manager can add as many users to the project team as he/she wants. Users will receive an invitation to the project by e-mail.

Who can add users
Admin, managers and assistant managers can add users, only Admin account can delete a user. Only Admin can add managers and

How to add users
When a user has to be added, make sure the company he or she represents has been added to the database first. Click on “User” in the Admin Tools menu to open the user list and select “add” on top of the list.

Select the supplier the user represents and add the personal information. Select a user role to appoint folder access and user rights.

User roles

There are 6 levels of user roles. The user role names can be customized by opening “User role” in Admin Tools menu.

All rights to enter all information and adjust settings.

All features like Admin except for Admin settings, delete projects, delete suppliers and add users with Manager user role.

Assistant Manager:
All features like Manager except for adding projects, library edits, edit templates and add users with Assistant Manager user role.

All features like Assistant Manager except for add suppliers and users, set access rights, delete files, send group messages, write minutes and modify folder structure.

All features like Consultant except for approving documents, library access.

All features like Contractor except for uploading files.

All features like Principal

User access

Admin and (Assistant-)Managers can set access rights for folders to sub-folder level for all team-members that are who have lower level user roles. When a user has access rights to a sub-folder he or she has access to all sub-sub folders too.

Profile settings

In the User profile settings form a user can add a photo or avatar and enter personal information.

Alerts (Settings)
One of the great features of XS Project is the alert feature which informs users about upcoming tasks or updates about newly uploaded documents. In the user profile settings notifications by mobile app er e-mail can be switched on or off depending on personal preference.

Team overview
The team icon behind the project opens a contact list of the project  team members.

What is the project dashboard
Dashboard overview by user role
Explanation of colored folders


Folder structure & Document Requirement Templates
Upload document
Approve / Disapprove
Version Management
How to move documents to another folder
How to export documents to Zip-file (Documents will be zipped in folder structure)

Meeting Minutes
How to setup new meeting minutes
Template feature
Notes > Action point > Team-member > Date > Completed

Expiration alerts
Explanation of colored folders



Use of library
Who can modify library
Who can use library
How to add folders
How to documents

Move to

KYP Project
ED Controls

MS Teams
Autodesk Viewer

MS Sharepoint